Sage: Pre-K and Elementary Schools Search for Mobile Web

What is Sage?

Sage is a NYC public pre-k and elementary school search for the mobile web. Search for your school by entering your address to find your zoned school and schools nearby. See a school's basic information, state exam results and NYC progress report grades. You can also search for schools by intersection, zip or name if you're just looking around. Tips about the admissions process are offered along the way.

Sage, by Dendro Kids, was built by parents for parents and we know that the search for an NYC school can be an overwhelming experience. Sage offers a head start for those parents whose children are just coming into school age and are learning the NYC Department of Education admissions process. Sage also provides a simple means for parents to keep tabs on how their school is performing.

Visit Sage on your Android or iPhone! Or use Chrome or Safari on your desktop.

Winner of Best Education Application Award at NYC Big Apps 3.0!

Sage was an entrant in the NYC Big Apps 3.0 competition and finished a respectable 12th out of 95 in public voting and was selected as the "Best Education Application" by a panel of expert judges!


Mom Confessionals - Edu Care: "I visited the site and was blown away. All at my fingertips was all the information I spent so much time looking for, all compactly placed."

New York Times: "Sage is a simple but effective mobile site allowing people to search for information about pre-K and elementary schools near their homes."

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