Learn to Count NYC for iPad (Free!)

What is Learn to Count NYC?

Teach your toddler to count from one to ten with Countable NYC, a wonderful New York City themed teaching tool that uses hand-drawn art and whimsical animations to keep your little one engaged! Endorsed by parents, teachers and toddlers, Countable NYC offers an effective way to teach counting by making it fun with sight and sound cues.

Countable NYC provides an immersive experience to toddlers, where they count the items presented on the screen with the touch of a finger. An audio and visual sensory response is quickly given with every touch. Once the child has completed a counting task, a whimsical animation, complete with sound effect, is played back as a reward. The sensory feedback provided by Countable NYC keeps the toddler engaged and focused! The New York City themed art also offers talking points for parents no matter where they live.

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Testimonials and Reviews

(5 stars) "My 3 year old just kept playing it over and over even after he learned to count. Love the NYC icons too!" --tlooloo

(5 stars) "My kids love it. Its great that they learn how to count and about the city they live in." --Albcc

(3 stars) "A cute little counting app for toddlers. The NYC theme is unique and well done. The narration is pleasant and the animations are endearing and engaging." --Famigo

(3 stars) "Parents looking for a cheap, basic, and no-frills counting app can feel confident about downloading Learn to Count NYC." --Lunchbox Reviews